Buakaw Por Pramuk

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Buakaw KonKohnKon (Life story) with English subtitle

Muay Thai Star Buakaw-Por. Pramuk in Thai TV show 

00:23 K-1 Boxer , World Famous Thai Boxer, 2 year in a row K-1 Champion in Japan.
00:32 In the past month, his story is the headline of every thai newspaper, every thai TV channel talk about his story
00:44 About he has absent from his camp "Buakaw Por Pramuk"
00:15 Good evening, Today we present the story of "Buakaw Bunchamek" or "Buakaw po 00:49 And then he has present together with the conflict in thai boxing society. Then he has been back to his home town in Surin province.
00:56 Today we "KonKohnKon" went to his home town.
1:03 We didn't go to find the truth about the conflict.
1:06 But we go to find the meaning of life of "world famous thai boxer" of "the highest rate boxer" when the fighting in out of game life is very intensive. How this mean to his life.
00:23 K-1 Boxer , World Famous Thai Boxer, 2 year in a row K-1 Champion in Japan.
00:32 In the past month, his story is the headline of every thai newspaper, every thai TV channel talk about his story
00:44 About he has absent from his camp "Buakaw Por Pramuk"
00:15 Good evening, Today we present the story of "Buakaw Bunchamek" or "Buakaw po 00:49 And then he has present together with the conflict in thai boxing society. Then he has been back to his home town in Surin province.
00:56 Today we "KonKohnKon" went to his home town.
1:03 We didn't go to find the truth about the conflict.
1:06 But we go to find the meaning of life of "world famous thai boxer" of "the highest rate boxer" when the fighting in out of game life is very intensive. How this mean to his life.
2:33 When Buakaw come back here, he lives with his 2 sisters. They take care of Buakaw about the food and accommodation.
2:46 This time that Buakaw come back home, it is the really longest duration during 10 years?
2:58 Did he go when he was young?
3:01 [sister voice] About … 14 years
3:04 [sister voice] Before he became famous, he has to fight a lot
3:07 How long have he not been back home?
3:12 [sister voice] around one year
3:14 Normally, if he come back, how long do he stay here?
3:17 [sister voice] Around 2-3 days
3:20 Hmm, and how often that he can come back in a years? (each time 2-3 days)
3:24 [sister voice] Very few time
3:26 When he come back because of the problem, as you are his sister, how do you feel?
3:31 [sister voice] I’m very very glad that he come back
3:34 [sister voice] He came back to tell us, our family can help to give opinions, being his companion
3:42 And, do you want him to go back to box again?
3.46 [sister voice] This is depend on him
3:48 Have you ever see him fight on TV?
3:50 yes
3:51 How do you feel when you see his fighting?
3:53 hmm, I feel hurt when he get attack
4:06 [another sister] I have told him that, stop boxing if you can. His age is quite old for boxing. I told him
4:16 Don’t you want him to be famous?
4:18 Hmm, I think this should be enough.
4:20 But this is just my opinion, I don’t know what he think, he may still want to box
4:29 I want him to stop. really stop boxing
4:32 He should rest. 20 years already, he should be able to relax
4:39 How is the difference of his coming this time from the other his home coming back?
4:44 Very different, this time we can have dinner have meal together, live together, as back as when he was young.
4:51 We live with sister, bother. The same as we was young :) like we have our family back again
5:07 Is this time your longest time that you can be back home?
5:09 yes, the longest one
5:10 the longest one in ten years time !
5:17 [Buakaw] this time I feel this is the real real home coming.
5:20 Breath the real air !!
5:22 [Buakaw] Yes, get into the old nature that I have come from
5:24 Normally, how long can you stay home?
5:29 [Buakaw] koo..., when I can come, it can never be long. Longest 4-5 days , 3-4 days, I have to go back
5:37 Is this the maximum?
5:39 [Buakaw] Yes, this is the really maximum (4-5 days)
5:42 Why do you this time choose to be back home?
5:45 I think in my head all the time, any place, no where can be as good as our home.
5:53 My home, it is comfortable, and I can do anything I want
6:00 Warmly live?
6:01 Yes, I feel really warmly in the society. Whatever we do, we help each other.
6:04 Is this like this: you go around the world almost half of the world already, but the place that you feel that everyone think good to you is home?
6:13 yes, yes
6:14 7:45 really a lot topic, right?
7:50 yes, really a lot, about relative , etc, there iWhen I go .. go to box around the world, it is the place that I haven’t been there before, it is different but..
6:28 but if I speak about the warmly atmosphere, the good mind of people,
6:34 there cannot complete with home
6:36 and the people that you trust
6:39 yes, the people that I trust , that they help, they are here , “home”
6:59 [woman voice] how long have that you have not have meal with the big family?
7:03 I haven’t been here so long
7:06 when I can be here, I have to hurry back.
7:09 This time, I feel .. I can be here for long, I have been with my family, … delicious :), you can see, I don’t have to describe :)
7:20 Normally, in the camp, when you have dinner, do you have time to talk, to laugh like this or not?
7:27 Yes, but we talk about boxing, turn to left is boxing, turn to right is also boxing :)
7:33 Here, turn left .. go fishing, bla bla, etc
7:40 a lot of topic we talk here
n the camp, in front is boxing, left is boxing ,right is boxing. it is right that
8:00 You eat more here?
8:01 yes, this is the third plate!!
8:03 [sister] the fourth is coming :), laugh
8:16 Your life (in the boxing world) is complicate !, how it help to be back home?
8:22 I can’t say how much it help. but there is nothing to bother my heart.
8:35 hmm, don’t know what to say. It’s home !!
8:37 Less or more, but you can step back and stand again , right?
8:41 yes, any mistake I did, here they always welcome me, always.
8:48 This is it, this is home.
8:52 your family, you ask them, what did they say? they fully support you, right?
8:57 They are supporting, but to make the decision it up to me. because I also quite mature and I have seen quite many thing. I should make my own decision and take care of myself. The thing that they can do is, they support me, being beside me.
9:17 The homecoming of Buakaw is really make people here, his family, his relative and people who live here really happy.
9:25 2-3 days, his house is quite a lot of people come to visit him more than normally
9:29 His neighbour that heard about his news, come to visit him, he is the hero of this village.
9:39 Sometime, the old people come to welcome him (to do cultural welcome), and give him support
9:47 (cultural welcome)
9:52 ohh, where do you come from?
9:55 from the next village (Bann trakien)
9:56 Are you happy that he come back?
9:59 Really really much, really really happy that he come back
10:00 I’ve only seen him on TV, many year ago. I’ve seen him only when he is really small (cute voice)
10:05 Someone bring him, and he is gonee..... gone gone gonee
10:06 is it good, that he is back home.
10:07 Good good good, so good
10:10 good, how good?
10:12 Good that he can be at home
10:17 [Hug with his sport-sci trainer]
10:20 Thank you, thank you for visiting
10:24 “Pu pan” also come
10:30 remember?
10:33 sa wad dee krab (say hello in thai way, with respect)
10:44 come from bangkok?10:45 Oh, you come from bangkok!! (that is far away from Su
10:50 You really come from bangkok?
10:55 yes, from bangkok. I’m worried about him, I want to see him
10:56 I’m worried about him, I want him to be happy and live good
11:02 what do you feel, when you know the news about his absent from the camp?
11:06 I’m really worried about him
11:07 Worried about, will he fine. will someone kidnapped him.
11:12 When you know that he go back home
11:15 He deserve for it !!
11:16 I believe that, when it dawn, the bird will fly back home.
11:20 Where we born, we naturally want to be back there, back home
11:24 I want him to be relax in mind, to feel good
11:29 I think boxing is , hmm , something different.
11:34 he has to control his heart, training is really important
11:38 where he feel good, we have to give him
11:59 what will you buy today?
12:00 I have to buy sheet for the bed, I haven’t been home for so long. it is so dusty.
12:10 really long time, that you have to buy new one?
12:13 yes, really long time
12:15 That’s mean, this time you will stay here so long
12:17 yes, I think I should be here quite long. So I can change it to be new one.
12:55 One touchable things that the people here is really happy and welcome about Buakaw’s homecoming is
13:02 is that they come together, helping each other to build a training stage for Buakaw to train here.
13:07 Just some few days, the training place is get into the shape
13:11 Who has force, helping with force, who has material, then help with material
13:16 They try to find wood and everything without thinking of wage or value or to sell anything.
13:24 Everyone come by their heart.
13:32 [man voice] Dr.Yim tell us that, he want him to be here. (the local people call the sport sci trainer as doctor because he take care of Buakaw heath)
13:34 We are really happy. We really want to help, construct this training camp. Just a few day we can do it. We don’t want to get any money for this
13:43 [man voice is the voice of first boxing teacher of Buakaw]
13:44 We help each other, we think this is good. The young people here can see this as example as idol.
13:50 Maybe we will have the next Buakaw
13:58 People here build the camp, even they are poorer than Buakaw, but they want to give something in return to Buakaw. That Buakaw bring the name for the village.
14:15 A lot of local people tell me that, Buakaw is not just hero in this time. Even when he was young, when he was 7 - 8 or 10 years old, he is also hero here.
14:41 When he went to box somewhere, we bring everyone to cheer up him, to help him from that time, from he was young.
14:47 It is not, just now, not just when he is famous and then the people here like him.
14:51 They said, when Buakaw is young, he is more hero than this time. The people here please him really much than this time that he is already famous
14:54 Do you think, a sport player as Buakaw can be found again?
14:59 I think, it is like, in our life, to see a good sport like Buakaw. It really long time, not that often.
15:13 Compare to Tong (Tong is a really really good thai snooker player)
15:14 Until now, we still don’t have Tong2
15:20 Hard to find
15:23 Compare to Kawsai (Famous boxer, not muaythai, another), until now we still do not see anyone like him
15:28 Even someone that can be similar, still hard to find.
15:33 Compare to Paradon (Tennis player), to be better than Danai is still hard to find (Danai is also a good player but not as good as paradon when he was in career high)
15:44 I think in every sport, it is quite the same.
15:48 For Buakaw, I think it is the same. End of him, it is also hard to find someone to be this good for us to enjoy as sport fan.
15:57 I would like everyone to save him, so we have a good boxer to see for such a while.
16:25 [text in logo >> Buakaw, a life outside fighting game]
16:42 As you see, this is a boxer, a world class boxer
16:45 But his training camp here is the same as normal a rural area training camp.
16:49 It is an easy build, the roof from grass, the main columns are wood from neighbor here.
16:58 Situated not far from the rice field, one side is rice field, another is potatoes field, another side is cow and buffalo shelter and the grass shelter.
17:08 We can say that the atmosphere here is so nature.
17.30 Oh, the neighbor also making this cement?
17:32 You see, when he is here. we use a color bucket filled with cement
17:39 This is the cheap method, even Buakaw is the world class boxer :)
18:12 What about his mind state?
18:15 [sci-sport trainer voice] I think, his mind is good. For me, really good. the best in 20 year.
18:21 What do you think that make his mind better?
18:23 He again meet his family, he is like going away and cannot be back that often.
18:35 When he can come back again, to see the same atmosphere, to see the field, the buffalo. He don’t want to be back to Bangkok
18:46 If he has to go back, then he should have more  chance to be back here.
18:52 There are many offer for him to go to Japan, Europe. As I know, he said he has like 10 offer to go to make money aboard.
19:09 He say, he don’t want. He just escape to here.
19:12 He run away from money to the rural area !!
19:14 Because it is more comfortable for the heart
19:29 When we are old, everyone should have saving money or something
19:34 He is more mature, now he is 30 already. Everyone, if they can be home, they will be happy even without money.
19:39 if with money, then it even better
19:42 He can fully put his effort in anything, he is getting his confident.
19:49 We may can see him even in the next 3-4 years, In fact, it can even just 1 year left somehow with his body.
19:52 But if he has to be in the system, constantly over use his body.
19:58 yes yes, too much over use the body, that is not good
20:01 maybe, then if it continue, then in the end after he retired and get old. He left nothing as the same as another thai boxer.
20:21 When he is on training session, there will be the neighbour around this area come to see him.
20:29 He is really hero of the village, not only when he became famous, but also a village hero from he was young. When he go box outside the village, the people go to cheer him
21:01 When he come back, do you come here to see his training that often?
21:04 Always,
21:04 He is the hero here?
21:05 oh yess, sure, he is always our hero, from long long time ago
21:10 When he was young, he went box somewhere else, did you go to cheer him?
21:15 Go, where he box, we always go to cheer him
21:18 We stop working, when he go to box somewhere. Whatever job to do, we stop.
21:24 If we don’t have van, we will go with Motocycle 3 people. Wherever
22:00 Even he is not stay in the camp anymore, but he always train himself, running both moring and evening.
22:12 Especially in this period, he has to box again in the next one week. (in Thai flight 2012)
22:28 Do you know him?
22:29 Yes,
22:29 who?
22:29 Buakaw po pramuck, he is hansome, I’m really glad, I has never seen him before. My husband love him, but he is not here. He just left the house.
22:46 Along the way that he run, the people always come out to see him. They have seen him only on TV, never meet him directly.
22:23 Are you getting ready for boxing again?
Yes, I get up early and run, fit my body. Both morning and evening
22:36 The distance from home to here is around 6 km, back and forward is around 12 13 km.
23:45 Is it the same as you was in the camp or here?
23:48 Yes, I have to do this. Wherever I am, I have to maintain my body in the good condition.
23:57 Here, you are good both your body and mind, right?
24:01 Yes, good. Here is the area around my home, seeing it make me hearty and feel great
24:11 Running here, did it remind you of the old atmosphere when you was young?
24:14 Yes, the same, the same as before.
24:20 When I was young, I don’t know much. Sometimes I run along in the rice field.
24:29 Here is your boxing teacher? , also from when you was young? and he follows you when you’re running?
24:32 yes, the same
24:38 You haven’t do like this for so long, right?
24:41 Yes, so so long. around 15 years
24:42 How do you feel?
24:45 I feel really glad that he come back. .. to do the same again.
24:52 You mean that you can be his teacher again?
24:54 yes,
24:54 did he change from when he was 15 years old? , and now he is 29-30
25:01 Yes, a lot of change. He has more experience.
25:07 But his discipline is still the same right?
25:10 yes, he is really diligent, as the same as he was young
25:14 when he was young, he run everyday, the same
25:17 yes, everyday
25:20 he is more diligent than other child in the village?
25:24 yes, he is
25:25 Then he grown up, is he still the same?
25:26 yes, the same
25:29 What do you feel, that he come back this time? when he has problems. What do you feel that he choose to be back home?
25:34 At first, I heard the news. I’m quite shocked, because he is absent from the camp
25:46 So, I try to contact him by telephone. Then I have talked to him and he is safe
25:55 OK, you feel relax when you know he is safe?
25:58 yes
26:00 This is the back to the past, is it?
26:01 Yes, it is like back to the past. In my thought, even I have been to many place, been famous, but my heart want to be back here, to begin again.
26:16 I think it should be good.
26:18 Do you remember what is around here?
26:21 In the past, when I was young, I have been boxing there.
26:24 Do you see the temple, that was where the temporary boxing stage. I have been box there.
26:32 You know everything in this area?
26:40 yes, all around, I’ve already play around.
26:42 This give the different feeling, that you come back to the old place.
26:46 yes, I can remind myself how I start.
26:52 I haven’t expect that I can come this far.
27:02 Even I have been so famous, people say why I don’t go to live in the elegant place or expensive one.
27:13 Actually, it is the contrary. My heart, my mind is not like that.
27:20 That is just the people view, that I can go to live in such kind of place (expensive condominium)
27:35 For me, the best is like this, here is the best.
27:39 The field, like this la
27:42 Is it like this, your origin is come from rural area, even you get so famous, but if you can remind this, you will never be rapture. never forget yourself.
27:55 yes, I don’t forget where I start, and so I know exactly and concentrate what I am doing now.


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