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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The educational history of Mr. Sombat Banchamek (Buakaw Por Pramuk)

I saw the educational history of Buakaw from Buakaw fan page.I hope you guy like it

The educational history of Mr. Sombat Banchamek

Mr. Sombat Banchamek was born on 8 May 1982. He started the first semester of his first year of secondary education (Matthayom 1, or first year of junior high school) in 1995, at Ban Non Sawan School in Kor Kaew subdistrict, Samrongthab district of Surin province. His registration as a student for secondary education was taken care of by his parents Mr. Seng Banchamek & Mrs. Pan Banchamek.

Regarding the controversy over when exactly Mr. Sombat Banchamek first started living at Por Pramuk camp, it is clear from his educational history that he completed his secondary education (Matthayom 3, or third year of junior high school) in his home district of Surin province in March 1998, in the year which he turned 16 years of age. This agrees with what his elder sister said in an interview with the 'Khon Khon Khon' TV programme, that Mr. Sombat Banchamek left home to live at the camp when he was about 14 or 15 years old. The majority of students in the graduating class at this secondary school would be about this age too. This is a copy of the record of his registration as a student according to the Ministry of Education.

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