Buakaw Por Pramuk

Monday, July 2, 2012

Buakaw had asked the Sports Authority of Thailand's Board of Boxing Sport to reduce the 6-month suspension

It was reported 2 days ago that Buakaw had asked the Sports Authority of Thailand's Board of Boxing Sport to 'reduce' the 6-month suspension imposed on him, but the Board refused to 'reduce' this suspension by even one day.*

[* Buakaw had in fact appealed for this suspension to be revoked as he felt that he was innocent. He did not appeal for it to be shortened.]

Many are wondering what is the point of Buakaw asking for the suspension to be 'reduced' - he has already announced to the whole country that he has retired from boxing, so why is he still making noise over this?

As for Buakaw switching to fighting in MMA in Macau*, Mr. Pramuk Rojanathan, the owner of Por Pramuk camp, confirmed that he will not agree to this & will sue Buakaw whenever he fights.

[* He was training in Hong Kong, not Macau. It has not been confirmed that he will fight in MMA:http://bit.ly/L6RpaS ]

The problem between Buakaw & Mr. Pramuk is like water & oil, the two will never come together. The only way that Buakaw will ever get to fight again is to find a rich person to buy him from his 'first owner'. Mr. Pramuk confirmed that anyone who wants to buy Buakaw for less than 20 million baht can forget about even trying to negotiate. This is because there are still 5 years left on Buakaw's contract, & Buakaw can fight many times in this duration.

Many people worry that there will be disadvantages if this matter drags on for a long time. Buakaw is getting old & over time his body will not be as able. The human body will wear out with age if used like a machine. If Buakaw does not compromise now, he will lose the opportunity.

~Translated by Ying for Banchamek Gym facebook page.~

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