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Monday, July 2, 2012

Buakaw denied that he is going to fight in MMA

29 June 2012. Buakaw denied that he is going to fight in MMA. This is after rumours of him switching to MMA spread online, based on photos of him learning & training MMA in Hong Kong.

The Banchamek Gym facebook page has been showing photos of Buakaw training in MMA. As a result, sources have said that Buakaw will switch to fighting in a sport that is not controlled by the law [Boxing Act] after retiring from muaythai. This is because the Sports Authority of Thailand's Board of Boxing Sport has suspended him from boxing for 6 months after he fought in the Thai Fight event on 17 April 2012 without the permission of Por Pramuk camp. Buakaw had also announced his retirement from muaythai at the end of May after failing to resolve his problems with Por Pramuk camp.

Buakaw confirmed that he has not decided whether or not to pursue MMA. He was in Hong Kong only at the invitation of a gym there to train his fitness in a more complete way. 'I still want to fight muaythai forever,' Buakaw declared at an interview with Channel 7 at Mor Chit this morning. As for the photos [of him training in MMA], learning other sports is just one part of his training, & muaythai is still his foundation & core. 'Muaythai is still in my bloodline', Buakaw said.
As for the Board of Boxing Sport's decision to uphold his 6-month suspension from 17 May 2012 to 17 November 2012, Buakaw said that he is ready to ask the Administrative Court to issue a temporary order [against the suspension] based on his claim that he would have broken his contract [with the organiser of Thai Fight] if he did not fight in the 17 April 2012 event.*

[* Buakaw would have been fined 1.5 million baht if he did not fight in that event: http://on.fb.me/KHSTCi ]

~Translated by Ying for Banchamek Gym facebook page

Buakaw had asked the Sports Authority of Thailand's Board of Boxing Sport to reduce the 6-month suspension
New contract that Buakaw did not agree to sign
Buakaw can fight in Muay Thai again !!


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