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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Buakaw Update 2 July 2012

15 June 2012. Buakaw issued a statement through his lawyer regarding Por Pramuk camp's lawsuit. The camp had filed this lawsuit against Buakaw claiming 100 million baht in damages after he fought in Thai Fight at Pattaya on 17 April 2012.

Buakaw believes that he was right to fight on 17 April 2012. This is because on 31 October 2010, the head of Por Pramuk camp, Mr. Teeraphat Rojanathan (Au), had brought him to sign a contract with Sport Art Co., the organiser of Thai Fight. This contract specifies that Buakaw has to fight in Thai Fight events for 2 years until December 2012. Mr. Teeraphat had signed as a witness on this contract, & so Por Pramuk camp understood that they had signed over all rights to grant Buakaw the permission to fight - including in Thai Fight events - to Sport Art Co. for 2 years in this contract. If Buakaw did not fight in Thai Fight as required by the contract, he would be fined 1.5 million baht for breach of contract.

In addition to the lawsuit, Por Pramuk camp had also filed a request for a court injunction to block Buakaw from boxing & appearing in any form of advertising until the lawsuit is settled. This request is scheduled to be heard by the court on 2 July 2012. Buakaw has already registered his objection to this request. He had already announced his retirement from boxing in front of the Registrar of the Board of Boxing Sport & the media on 31 May 2012. Furthermore, he has also submitted a letter [to the Board of Boxing Sport] requesting that his status as a boxer be revoked. Under the law, he would not be able to box again without this official status as a boxer.*

[* Hence there is no longer a need for a court injunction to block him from boxing.] 

As for appearing in advertisements or shows, this is unrelated to boxing. Buakaw should have the freedom to pursue these activities, & he has to work in order to earn a living & support his father & other relatives. [Referring to the terms of his existing contract with the camp] Buakaw said, 'Even if I want to set up a stall & sell larb or somtam*, I will have to ask the camp for permission first, right? & I must share this income with the camp too?'

[* larb - spicy salad of minced meat & herbs, somtam - Thai spicy papaya salad.]

The new contract with Por Pramuk camp that Buakaw refused to sign [on 31 May 2012] has been publicised online. The majority of the people who have seen it say that if this contract is indeed real, there are several clauses that are totally unfair to Buakaw & this is probably what caused him to announce that he would quit boxing.

~Translated by Ying for Banchamek Gym facebook page.~

Buakaw had asked the Sports Authority of Thailand's Board of Boxing Sport to reduce the 6-month suspension
New contract that Buakaw did not agree to sign
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