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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Muay Thai Chaiya

Muay Thai has already been well-known internationally for some years now due to the success of Thai kickboxer Buakaw Banchamek ,while very few have heard of Muay Chaiya, an important branch of authentic and traditional Muay Thai. In the name of journalism , we took a Muay Chaiya class in an attempt to better understand what this form of martial art is all about.

What is Muay Thai Chaiya

The origins of Muay Chaiya was in Chaiya district in Surat Thani province,Thailand. Today's modern Muay Thai evolved from various styles of fighting from different parts of Thailand, for example Muay Lop Buri, Muay Phra Nakhon, Muay Korat, and of course Muay Chaiya.
While modern Muay Thai is considerably different from what it used to be because of its intended development into a sport, Muay Chaiya involves actual fighting. The philosophy and movements of Muay Chaiya are also really different, claimed by its practitioners to be more complete.
There are two important unique philosophies of Muay Chaiya. Firstly, protection. Chaiya boxers give more importance to covering themselves up and never giving an opponent the chance to hit them. Secondly, the use of the opponent's force to strike back. Instead of using your own force, Muay Chaiya boxers are taught to make good use of the opponent's movement by knowing exactly where their weak spots are. For example, if they are kicking hard, plunge an elbow in their thigh, which makes them hurt themselves more the harder they kick .

MuayThai chaiya

  • When attacking an opponent with their kneeMuay Chaiya boxers bend their body backwards to escape the opponent's possible reach.
  • When attacking an opponent with their elbow, Muay Chaiya boxers hold their other elbow up to protect their face from a counter-attack, while attacking at the same time.
  • When attacking an opponent with their knee, Muay Chaiya boxers bend their body backwards to escape the opponent's possible reach. 
  •  When kicking, Muay Chaiya boxers always keep their foot bent forward because leaving it flat makes their ankles vulnerable. They also bend their body backward while kicking, making them harder to reach.
MuayThai chaiya



What do you need for Muay Thai Chaiya?

  •  Prajiat for headband: A sacred headband made from the cloth given by someone they respect and worn by a boxer while fighting.
  • Prajiat for upper arms: Sacred cloth rings similar to the headband. They are also worn as a reminder for boxers to keep their guard up at all times.
  •  Soft ropes for boxing gloves: There were no gloves back in the day so boxers used soft rolled and tightened ropes over their hands instead, which are sprinkled with water and dried to make them stiff.
  •  Loincloth: Any type of cloth, worn in a way to allow comfort and agility.


  • Learning ways to protect yourself in everyday life.
  • Learning and preserving the traditional culture of Thailand.
  • Keeping yourself fit and healthy.
  • Training your mind to be brave and calm.
  • Promoting a sense of community and meeting new friends.


Baan Changthai

V Fri-Sun 5:30-7:30pm, Sat 2-4pm, 5:30-7:30pm. 38 Ekamai Soi 10 Sukhumvit 63.
C 02-391-3807, 02-714-1884, 081-812-8087.
P B800 for four two-hour sessions.

Sriwannachaiyarat Camp.

V Sat 6pm-8pm. 88 Pattanakarn Soi 20.
C 085-184-4361.
P B900 for life membership and B20 for each class.

Luktupfah Camp

V Mon-Fri 6pm-8pm. 5 On Nut Soi 65.
C 081-302-4622, luktupfahmuaythai@hotmail.com, facebook.com/Luktupfah.
P B3,500 for 10 two-hour sessions.

Muay Chaiya (Kru Praeng)

V Various venues in many provinces
C 086-606-7903, 086-556-0195, muaychaiya@yahoo.com, www.muaychaiya.com, facebook.com/krupraeng.


  •  Chaiya(2007)

  • Fighting Beat (2007) 


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