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Friday, August 31, 2012

Petchbounchoo a Muay Thai Master

Petchbounchoo is already renowned as a Muay Thai master ,when he just 22 years old .
Petchbounchoo  has been fighting at the elite level in Bangkok for four years winning admirers with his extraordinary power fighting style that comes complete with an almost impregnable wall of defence.
Unlike one of his main rival Saenchai Sor Kingstar who is more spectacular with his moves, Petchbounchoo is nevertheless extremely hard to beat, as he's a exceptionally spirited and hardened fighter who always gives his best.
He started his fighting career as a teenager in Udon Thani and moved to Bangkok when he was 17. He had an immediate impact on the top competitors and quickly cemented himself as a main event star.
His latest fight at Lumpinee against  Wanchalerm Aooddonmuang, which he won convincingly by points, showed again why his relentless style of grappling and knee strikes is a formidable winning formula.
Petchbounchoo says he never expects to get an easy fight because he's always being hunted by the superstars seeking notoriety and the rising stars looking for a first class scalp.
Petchboonchu has been reading about the popularity of Muay Thai internationally, and takes an interest in the Thai fighters who have built up fan bases in America and Europe."I've had over 200 professional fights and have won about 70 per cent of the time. The pressure has forced me to settle on a style that has the best chance of winning. What I have to fight with are the most effective body weapons and a hard defence," he said.
"I don't know if my style of fighting would suit the foreigners,they would probably have trouble with my Thai grappling techniques," said Petchbounchoo when asked if he had any plans to fight away from Thailand.
For now travel isn't on his mind.
"I think that I am near the peak of my professional fighting career and want to keep on improving my record against the best Thais in Thailand," he said.
Petchbounchoo lists his top five opponents as Sakeddao, Singdum, Saenchai, F16 and Nong O.


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