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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Buakaw will fight with Giorgio Petrosyan again !!

Buakaw will fight with Giorgio Petrosyan(26) in Surin on National Muaythai Day next year (6 February 2013) and the second fight should be held in Italy.
translate from Matichon  Thai news:

Buakaw will fight with Giorgio Petrosyan

"31 August 2012. Mr.Vichai Raksriaksorn, the chairman of Leicester City football club & Group Chairman of King Power Group of Companies, & Mr. Nopporn Wathi
n, the President of Sport Art Co. Ltd., the organiser of Thai Fight, held a press co

nference yesterday at Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel. They announced their success is organising the international muaythai competition 'Thai Fight King of Muay Thai', as well as their plans for Thai youth to train with Leicester City football team. Also present at the press conference were 4 of the 5 Thai muaythai fighters participating in Thai Fight - Buakaw, Singmanee Sor Srisomphong, Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee & Armin Pumpanmuang.

Mr. Vichai said that they succeeded in organising the last Thai Fight event in Leicester City because they received great support from British fans who flocked to the event, & were able to attract an audience of 10,000. They thus have plans to make Thai Fight an annual event in the UK. They also have plans to select 16 to 18-year-old Thai football players next January for 6 months of training with Leicester City football team, & those who perform well will get to continue for an additional year. Apart from these, King Power also has the idea of establishing a Thai Fight Academy on the first floor of King Power Stadium in Leicester City to allow more Britons to learn muaythai & to promote the sport in the UK.

Mr. Nopparat Puttarattanamane of Thai Fight said that Buakaw is prepared to face the 26-year-old Italian two-time K-1 champion Giorgio Petrosyan. The first fight will be at the provincial administration organisation's sports stadium in Surin on National Muaythai Day next year (6 February 2013), & the second fight should be held in Italy.
Similar to the article in the photo, but adds the following:

Buakaw said that he is happy that the number of Thai fans interested in muaythai has increased. The next Thai Fight event will be held on 19 September 2012 in Lyon, France & will feature Singmanee, Sudsakorn & Armin. Buakaw however will not be fighting in this event as he is scheduled to fight on 23 October 2012 in Thailand. He is still unsure of who his opponent will be for the October event.

Buakaw will also take on the double duty of being both promoter & fighter for a Thai Fight event that will take place on 6 February 2013. The February event will be held in Surin as a tribute to muaythai fans from his home province for their continued support & sponsorship. The details are still being discussed, but a potential opponent for him has already been contacted. If all goes well, it should be an Italian fighter whom he has fought before in 2007 in Sweden - a tough opponent that will be difficult for him to defeat. The reporter believes that this Italian fighter should be Giorgio Petrosyan, whom Buakaw drew with on 19 May 2007 at K-1 Scandinavia 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden.

~Translated by Ying for Banchamek Gym facebook page.~ "


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