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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Buakaw eyes two fights to cap final glory

Bangkokpost reported:

The two time K-1 MAX champion  Buakaw Banchamek  will defend his Thai Fight welterweight title in Bangkok on Oct 23 and then cap off his sterling career with a super-fight against Italian K1 hot shot Giorgio Petrosyan.

Buakaw will fight  Giorgio Petrosyan

Muay Thai superstar Buakaw Por Pramuk will defend his Thai Fight title on October.
Speaking to reporters at the KO Promotions seminar in Dubai last weekend, Buakaw, 30, said his next two fights on Thai soil would be "to honour Thailand and for all my fans."
Buakaw and Singmanee Sor Srisomphong are the two Thai top guns who will represent Thailand in the Thai Fight finals.
Buakaw said,"I support Thai Fight because it is shown on TV around Thailand and all my Thai fans can watch me fight. I also want to do a special fight event in Surin where I come from and where I first learnt to fight Muay Thai when I was young. It is good to remember where I come from," Buakaw said.
Although he's training up to six hours a day, Buakaw said he's moved on from the grind of fighting against elite competition at Bangkok's stadiums.
"Lumpinee and Rajadamnern have the best young stars with their future still ahead of them. I've been fighting from the age of seven. I have moved on and won't be fighting much more in Thailand and looking to become a travelling trainer. I really like teaching Muay Thai in other countries. It's great for Thailand and good for me," he said.
Buakaw confirmed that negotiations had been held with 26-year-old Petrosyan to fight in Surin. The only stumbling block for the fight is that Petrosyan prefers to fight K1 rules without elbows, knees and grappling weapons.
And while Buakaw is a K1 master  having won two K1 Max titles , he knows that Thailand's boxing fraternity would expect full Muay Thai rules as the order of the day for the event to be staged at the Surin provincial stadium on National Muay Thai Day on Feb 6, 2013.
Meanwhile, this Thursday's event at Rajadamnern, apart from featuring a great rivalry match-up between "Diamond Champion" Saenchai PK (Sor Kingstar) and "Black Lion" Singdum Kiatmoo 9, is creating a lot of hoopla with 1996 Olympic boxing champion Somluck Kamsing set to fight veteran Yodwanpadet Suwanwichit for a reported winner-takes-all purse of 5,270,000 baht.
As a sign of how serious this fight is, a deposit of 1,054,000 baht has already been tabled that will go the fighter whose opponent fails to make it into the ring.
Somluck said he has never trained harder for either an international boxing or a Muay Thai contest and intends to keep fighting if he wins the big purse.
He's challenged Buakaw to fight him saying that the Thai idol never fights strong opposition.
Buakaw replied that he has never shirked any fighter matched against him, but questioned whether the fans would want him to fight Somluck. "I don't think it would be that good. He should look elsewhere and so will I," Buakaw said "


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