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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Buakaw's existing contract with Thai Fight

October 8, 2012. Mr. Nopparat Puttarattamamane disclosed that Sport Art Co. Ltd., the organiser of Thai Fight, holds all rights to decide which fights Buakaw will participate in until  December 31, 2012. Under Buakaw's existing contract with them, anyone who wishes to arrange for Buakaw to participate in any fight will have to go through Sport Art Co. & seek their approval first.

Buakaw weight in
Buakaw weight in
In addition, Sport Art Co.'s key policy is for Buakaw to act as an ambassador for Muaythai to popularise the sport around the world, as he is well-known internationally. Therefore, Buakaw will fight only against foreign opponents and not Thai opponents. As such, a fight with Somrak Kamsing, the 39-year-old former Olympic gold medalist who recently issued Buakaw a challenge in the news, is impossible. Thai Fight also thinks that it is improper for them to fight, as regardless of whether Buakaw wins or loses, it will be not be good for his image.

As for news reports claiming that Buakaw will fight Manny Pacquiao in a Western-style boxing match on  December
21, 2012 in Thailand, Sport Art Co., which has the full power to decide who Buakaw fights until the end of 2012, had never known about this proposed fight before. In any case, Sport Art Co. thinks that the chances of it happening are close to nil. This is because Manny is scheduled to fight with Marquez on  December 8, 2012, & Buakaw is required to fight in the final round of Thai Fight 2012 on  December 16, 2012. Buakaw will violate the Boxing Act if he takes part in a fight less than 15 days after his previous one.

The first round of Thai Fight 2012 will be held on  October
23, 2012 at Chanchai Acadium, Bangkokthonburi University. It will be followed by a second round on 25 November 2012 in Nakhon Ratchasima. The finals on  December 16,2012 will be held at the Royal Plaza in Bangkok. The  October
23, 2012 event will feature Singmanee Kaewsamrit in the 67 kg division and Buakaw in the 70 kg division. It will be telecast live from 1:20PM onwards on Thai Channel 3. Petchtanong Banchamek, Buakaw's main student who recently clinched the WBC muay thai championship belt, & whom Buakaw is grooming to be his successor, will also put on a show of his skills together with foreign fighters. There are plans for Petchtanong to take part in Thai Fight 2013, which will have the format of a reality show involving both Thai & foreign fighters. This is to give the audience an insight into their lives & showcase Thai culture & traditions to the world.
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