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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Learn Muay Thai Online : The Noble Art of Muay Thai - Part 3

Part 3  - Learn Muay Thai Online

- Fists,Feet,Knees,and Elbows Techniques

          Types of Punch
          1.Straight Punch 
             1.1 Forward Punch
             1.2 Follow-up Punch
          2.Swing Punch
             2.1 Short Swing Punch
             2.2 Long Swing Punch
             2.3 Back Swing Puncha
          3.Uppercut or upwards swing jabs
             3.1 Forward Uppercut 
             3.2 Follow-up Uppercut
          4.Smash Punch
             4.1 Short Smash Punch
             4.2 Long Smash Punch
  • Muay Thai Feet Techniques , Kicks ,Forward Push Kicks (Teep)

         Types of Kicks
          1.Straight Kicks
          2.Swing Kicks
          3.Sweeping Kick
             3.1 High Sweeping Kick
             3.2 Mid Sweeping Kick
             3.3 Low Sweeping Kick
          4.Spring Kick
          5.Backward Kick
          6.Jumping Kick
          7.Combined Knee and foot kick
          8.Front Kick
          9.Spring whip Kick
        10.Swing Smash Kick
        11.Smash Kick
        12.High Swing Kick
        13.Summersult Kick
        14.Kick using knee of opponent

  •  Teep (Forward Push Kick)

  1.  Straight Push Kick
  2.  Pecking Punch Kick
  3. Straight Push Kick using heel
  4. Straight Push Kick using toes
  5. Power Straight Pushing Kick
  6. Side Push Kick
  7. Slap Push Kick
  8. Reverse Push Kick
  9. Jumping Push Kick

  • Muay Thai Knee Kick Techniques

  1. Straight knee kick
  2. Swinging knee kick
  3. Sweeping knee kick
  4. Close knee kick
  5. Knee jab
  6. Twisting knee jab
  7. After clinch knee jab
  8. Jumping knee kick
  9. Knee smash
  10. Pulled - down knee kick
  11. Shoulder-held knee kick
  12. Stepping knee kick
  13. Jumping double knee kick
  14. Jumping single knee kick



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